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1.  When is the best time to cast? 
         37-39 weeks gestation
2.  Do I have to be naked?
         No, a partial cast of just the belly can be done.
3.  Do I have to stand through the session?
        No, Standing is considered unsafe for that period of time. I have a special chair that I bring along with me to do the casting in.
4.  Do I have to shave?
          No, the lubricant protects your skin and hair.
5.  What do people do with the mask?
          Hang in the bedroom, baby's nursery, use it as a piece of art. 

How is the Mask Done?

In your home or mine, masking is private, relaxing and comfortable.  After applying a coat of lubricant, the warm plaster gauze strips are applied to whatever areas the woman wishes.  Molding and sculpting the gauze, an exact likeness of the woman's form is achieved.

When the plaster is set, I gently release the mask and the woman can view the beauty of her own pregnant form. Finally several coats of plaster are applied, strengthening the mask permanently and preparing it for whatever finishing or embellishment is desired.