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My Services and Pricing


Belly Cast:    $150

                  Reinforced plaster cast of the belly. 


Cast of Belly and Bust:    $175 

                  Reinforced plaster cast of the belly &  bust


Extras:   $25

                  You can incorporate a hand.

                  Choose to have your cast painted.


                   Otherwise, sessions are conducted at

                    your home in Grants Pass.


Gift Certificates also available:

                 A perfect gift for baby showers


                    or blessingsways.



~Thank You~



A three-dimensional cast of your belly will serve as the most unique memoir of your pregnancy. While many choose to paint, decorate, or decoupage, some will leave in its original state. Truly it is a creation of your own design. As an honored piece of art, the cast may hang on the babys room wall or be tucked around the base of a floor plant. However you decide to display your belly cast, it will always commemorate the by gone days of your pregnancy and birth experience.


Mommy Molds ~ Grants Pass, Or