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Meet The Creator

Hi ~

   You may be wondering how I got into Belly Casting. I first saw a cast being done on the "Baby Story on TLC.  I thought the idea behind casting and the cast itself was beautiful. It is a true art form to look at when finished. I am so grateful to have had a unique way to honor my pregnancy.


   In having my own cast done, I realized it was something I would enjoy doing for others and that's how Mommy Molds was born!


  I am a Wife and a Mom of two boys and one little girl. My job as a stay at home mom does keep me busy, but not too busy to perform casting. I enjoy meeting new people and casting also allows me an opportunity to do that. Being able to create something that will hold such meaning to people is my greatest reward.


I would love to create a unique memoir of your pregnancy as well ~


An Art show Exhibit

For more information, or to schedule a session, please call Sammie Orton (541) 659-9879

or email me at:

Mommy Molds ~ Grants Pass, OR

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