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Parker & Hunter's Place
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Parker Bradley Orton
Hunter Eric Orton
Contact Us

We can't read yet, so you can skip emailing us. What we really love is to recieve mail, any kind, hey we even love junk mail!
Just in case you want to talk to our Mommy or Daddy their email address is:

Send Mail To:
311 Harper Loop
Grants Pass, Or 97527
P.S.  Don't forget get to take a look at our Mom's Web site too.

Mommy Molds


 "Can we help in the kitchen?"
"Can we watch you cook?"
I'd rather do this myself,
Then I stop and look

 At the innocent faces
So eager to learn.
Selfish, no more,
For now it's their turn.

 Clothes will get dirty,
Dust will appear,
Chores never ending
Year after year.

 One morning the sun will rise,
They'll wake with elation.
For they've grown and matured,
Today is graduation.

 No longer will they need me
To plan their day.
The years must have flown
And now they're on their way.

 Yet I wake from a dream,
Time is on my side.
They're still little angels
Needing me to guide.

 So I say to them,
"I'll play and read books.
I'll teach you to be
Great little cooks."

 For as you grow
And think of your Mother,
Remember my love for you
Is like no other.