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A Day In The Life Of Me — Profile

Name:  Sammie Orton
Location:  Grants Pass, Oregon
Birthday:  13 September, 1979
Bio:  I'm a Belly Caster!!!! You may be wondering how I got into Belly Casting. I first saw a cast being done on the "Baby Story on TLC. I thought the idea behind casting and the cast itself was beautiful. It is a true art form to look at when finished. I am so grateful to have had a unique way to honor my pregnancy. In having my own cast done, I realized it was something I would enjoy doing for others and that's how Mommy Molds was born! I am a Wife and a Mom of two boys. My job as a stay at home mom does keep me busy, but not too busy to perform casting. I enjoy meeting new people and casting also allows me an opportunity to do that. Being able to create something that will hold such meaning to people is my greatest reward.
Interests:  I enjoy too many things to list!
Blog Created:  Monday, 2 February 2004
Last Updated:  Friday, 6 February 2004 - 2:18 PM PST
Blog Entries:  4

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